Travel Raffle

August 28, 2022
Travel Raffle


We have an awesome new Fundraiser starting, it's a Travel Raffle!✈️🏖🕌🌉

The winner will have a choice of 3 GREAT prizes, as follows:

• a $2000 gift certificate for Air Canada vacations, or

• a $2000 gift certificate for Air Canada air travel, or

• $2000 cash!!!

The fantastic news is that there's NO expiry date on the Air Canada certificates, and NO travel blackout restrictions.

Tickets are available at our events or can be purchased via e-transfer.

Anyone who wishes to purchase tickets via e-transfer, must send the following to: Please include an e-mail address and phone number when sending your e-transfer

• ->PLEASE include your name and a telephone # in the e-transfer

• Keith will complete the ticket(s) on your behalf,

• He will take a picture of your ticket stubs,

• He will email you a copy of your stubs.

The draw takes place on Saturday October 9th, a video will be taken of the draw and posted onto our website and Social Media