Update - Sep. 13: Take a look at all the fun I had today with Devan Dowbiggan, a Trainer, who has been taking dogs on an adventure every week.

Dear Adopters,

Freddy here and I’m hoping that someone reads my story and gives me a break.  I was adopted at Animatch at 8-9 weeks but was recently returned because I was just too much with the cat.  Wouldn’t you know it, now I have to compete with all these “tiny” 8-week-old puppies.  

At 6 months old I am just a puppy too but the things I used to do at 8 weeks old are not so endearing as I get bigger by the day.   I am sure this was my previous family’s ultimate goal but they soon discovered that time and energy must be invested in bringing up a pup.

I still jump on people now and then and my desire to ignore requests to “come” have not been totally curbed.  I would really benefit from some obedience training.  By the way, don’t say you plan to do take classes if you have no intention of doing so.  Telling Animatch what they want to hear as opposed to what you intend to do only hurts the dog that you adopt.  

So, if you do pass me by in favor of those “real” puppies, please ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes.  Your sweet little puppy can quickly turn into Dogzilla – a rowdier, mouthier, jumpier version of his tiny self.  

Anyhow, if you are still reading and willing to take a good look at me – I am certainly a dog with potential if given the exercise and training I need.  You might be asking yourself, “why bother adopting an adolescent when I can adopt a puppy?”.  Because adolescence is a temporary time in a dog’s life. If you put in the effort, the bond that you can build with me will be unmatched.

My future depends solely on you and with you in my corner, the next 10-12 years can be totally awesome. So, are you the one who is willing to take the challenge?  I promise that life will never be dull.  

Yours truly,

Freddy xoxo

PS, I missed my photo shoot so if you think that I'm cute in these pics, just wait til you see me after the "real deal". In the meantime, take a look at this video and you will spot me.




6 months
Large (33 lbs but lot of growing to come)
Dog friendly
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